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Hemp Oil
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help prevent heart disease, high blood pressurehigh cholesterol, cancer, arthritis and much more

Hemp oil benefits are plentiful and are raising quite a stir in the medical community. Although the farming of hemp is still a controversial subject because of the legal implications, there is no denying that hemp oil delivers a health punch to any regime. However, even with hemp's rising stardom on the health food market, much of Western society still continue to consume large amounts of saturated and hydrogenated fats daily. We are a nation plagued with obesity and poor health, yet many are still not taking advantage of the many alternatives available on the market today. With just a few simple changes to your daily food intake can add years to your life. Following a healthy regime does not have to be hard nor complicated, it just needs to be balanced with the right ingredients.

Hemp oil is one of those such ingredients. Hemp oil is pressed from the seeds of the cannabis sativa plant and the most common misconception is that it contains THC, the high produced by it's illegal counterpart. However, this is not so. In fact, smoking an entire field of hemp would most likely deliver an upset stomach rather than produce a high.

Hemp seed and oil products are legitimate super foods that are chock full of goodness. At a glance, hemp oil benefits include the important essential fatty acids and amino acids that the body needs to be healthy. It can help prevent heart disease, high blood pressurehigh cholesterol, cancer, arthritis and much more. It also promotes healthy brain development and provides hair and skin with much needed nutrients.

Consuming omega 3 and omega fatty acids have also been proven to be an effective anti-inflammatory which aids those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis Ideally, one should consume the right dosage of omegas to get the full benefits. Most Americans consume too much omega 6 which can have negative effects but by incorporating foods that offer the right balance of omegas, your health improves dramatically. Hemp seed oil provides an excellent ratio of 3 to 1 which is recommended by the World Health Organization.

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